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Introducing CannabisMarketCap

Welcome to Since you found this blog, that most likely means you are currently doing research on cannabis stocks—so are we! Allow us to start by introducing ourselves.

Who We Are

We are a group of web professionals and tech enthusiasts with a common background as retail investors. We first found our way as retail investors via cryptocurrencies when we started investing in Bitcoin back in 2013. Primarily because we were fascinated by the ideology and possible disruptive character of the technology, we immediately got hooked on blockchain technology, but even more so on investing in emerging markets. We expanded our scope and our investment portfolio to find alternative markets with an innovative and disruptive character like cryptocurrency. It was the year 2016 when we found a market that met these criteria—the cannabis industry. 

Our Motivation

We want CannabisMarketCap to provide a more structured way of tracking cannabis stocks and the industry’s investor sentiment. CoinMarketCap has proven to be an invaluable tool during the cryptocurrency craze of recent years. As such, it stands to reason that organizing the exponential load of cannabis stock data in one intuitive overview would make for a more efficient way to track investor sentiment. This is our core motivation for building the CannabisMarketCap website. 

The first year of our personal cannabis investing journey was organized with just a handful of stocks to be tracked. But along with the regulatory progress came enormous growth of the industry. Cannabis-related IPOs emerged at an accelerated pace in 2017 and 2018, with cannabis stocks added on a daily basis. Doing research on all these stocks is a very time-consuming activity, making it more difficult to stay on track. Not an easy task for the non-professional investor. Realizing how CoinMarketCap had helped us navigate crypto investments, we wanted to build a similar platform for a community of like-minded individuals interested in the cannabis stock market.

What Is CannabisMarketCap?

CannabisMarketCap is a platform that brings you cannabis stock prices, market caps, charts, and more. Hundreds of cannabis companies, including well-known companies like Canopy Growth, Tilray, and Aurora Cannabis, but also small cap companies that are less known to the public, can be individually viewed and analyzed. The goal is to present the data in a well-organized and structured manner to make researching cannabis stocks more simple and efficient.

CannabisMarketCap presents information unlike that of typical stock data websites. Where traditional sites are overloaded with triggers, making information hard to read, digest, and understand, CannabisMarketCap aims to provide all the relevant data in an easily digestible manner.

On the index page, you will find an overview of the top 100 cannabis companies ranked by market capitalization. This ranking provides you an indication of a company’s value in comparison to its peers. It displays the company’s market cap, which is calculated by the current price multiplied by the amount of outstanding shares. In addition, it shows the most-recent trading day’s trading volume, the most-recent trading day’s price change, and the 30 most-recent trading days’ price trend.

Each company has its own detail page. On this page, you will find more in-depth information about the company. This includes information about what markets it’s trading, a chart that allows you to perform your own technical analyses, social media, and news updates.

Get In Contact

It is our goal to become the platform for the cannabis investor community. To achieve this goal, we would appreciate any feedback or suggestions from users. If we can improve user experience or add/remove features to better the platform, we will gladly make use of this. 

In addition, if you find any errors in data or have contributions to the displayed content, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We are available for support via our contact form.


We clearly want to state that we do not provide any financial advice on CannabisMarketCap. What we offer is a platform that can help you in the process of doing your own due diligence. Please make sure to always do your own research when making investment decisions.