Market cap: $63,032,715,337 Volume (24h): $1,985,352,751

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market capitalization?

The market capitalization, or ‘Market Cap’, is a measurement of a company’s total dollar market value. On Cannabismarketcap, the calculation of the Market cap of a company is done by multiplying the company’s number of outstanding shares by the current share price.


What is the Circulating supply / Shares Outstanding?

The outstanding shares of a company are the shares that are issued. This includes both the shares that can be bought and sold by the public, as the currently restricted shares. For a basic guide on how this works make sure to go through our Basic Guide On Shares.


What is the currency that is used to determine the price of a stock?

In basis all stocks on Cannabismarketcap are valued in US Dollars. The detailed page of the company will provide the native currency for the stock if the stock is traded on a non-US based market. 


What is the Symbol?

The Symbol is used to uniquely identify a publicly traded stock on a particular market. It is also known as the ‘Stock Symbol’ or ‘Ticker Symbol’.


What is the volume?

The volume indicated on Cannabismarketcap is ‘share’ volume. It is a measure of the total shares that have changed hands for a specific time period.


The markets are not open 24/7, what exactly does the ‘change’ indicator provide us?

The Change indicator provides an insight in how the stock price has moved in the prior trading day to the current day.