Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market capitalization?

The market capitalization, or ‘Market Cap’, is a measurement of a company’s total dollar market value. On CannabisMarketCap, the market cap of a company is calculated by multiplying the company’s number of outstanding shares by the current share price.


What is the ‘Total Market Cap’ displayed on CannabisMarketCap?

The ‘Total Market Cap’ is the sum of the market caps of all the individual cannabis companies that are listed on CannabisMarketCap. This can be used as a tool to index the Cannabis Industry and analyze the industry investor sentiment.


What is the Shares Outstanding of a company?

The number of shares that a company has actually issued. This number represents all shares that can be bought and sold by the public and the restricted shares. Not to be confused with the fully diluted share count which include the additional shares if all convertible securities of a company were exercised.


What is the currency that is used to determine the price of a stock?

In basis all stocks on CannabisMarketCap are valued in US Dollars. The detailed page of the company will provide the native currency for the stock if the stock is traded on a non-US based market. 


What is the Symbol?

The Symbol is used to uniquely identify a publicly traded stock on a particular exchange. It is also known as the ‘Stock Symbol’ or ‘Ticker Symbol’. A company can have multiple symbols if it is traded on more than one exchange. E.g. The Canopy Growth Corporations stock is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange with Symbol WEED, and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange with Symbol CGC.


What is the volume?

The volume indicated on CannabisMarketCap is the dollar trade volume. It is a measure of the total dollar value of the shares that have changed hands for a specific time period. 
The ‘total’ value is the aggregated share volume for a stock on all the markets its trading that are listed on CannabisMarketCap.


The markets are not open 24/7, what exactly does the ‘change’ indicator provide us?

The Change indicator provides an insight in how the stock price has moved in the prior trading day to the current day.


What is the difference between Cannabis Stocks, Weed Stocks, Marijuana Stocks, Hemp Stocks, CBD Stocks and Pot Stocks?

The terms 'Cannabis Stocks', 'Weed Stocks', 'Marijuana Stocks' 'Hemp Stocks', 'CBD Stocks' and 'Pot Stocks' are used interchangeably in the media for the same set of companies as they more or less mean the same thing. All companies listed on CannabisMarketCap are in some way active in the cannabis industry. Whether it be a company growing the plants, producing products like CBD-oils or creating packaging products designed for cannabis products.